1966    born 17.01. and grown up in duisburg/

            nrw germany 

1986    abitur

1991    finishing education as a joiner

1993    working in a bike shop (mechanics)

1994    beginning product design studies >

            object design at fh-niederrhein

            (university of applied science)

1997    industrial design

            study at „University of

            Lapland“ in Rovaniemi/Finland

1998    beginning to work as a freelancer >

            interior-, product-, graphic- and media


2002    graduating as „product

            designer“ (diploma)

2002    teacher at Gerhard Mercator

            Universität Duisburg/Essen

2005    working at design studio “pragg“ (Essen)

            design and realisation of an eventbar for

             „Red Bull“

            working at Kunzweiler Group as a product

            designer/product manager

            freelancing for dirk mensen industrial design

2007    employment at „Jugend- und

            Kulturzentrum Kiebitz“ as a

            „graphics designer“

2006    Design and conversion of a residential

            property (until end 2008)

2011    free working designer and artist